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Origin from Palau

With wide reputation around the world, Palau Asset Management - Your exclusive financial expert

The accumulated management assets is serving many high net worth customers and enterprises. The Palau Asset Management Group’s platform also includes world’s leading asset management company, Palau Asset Assets, and the fastest growing online wealth management platform in the world.


From Republic of Palau, with global recognition

Palau Asset Management Inc. received the Palo Securities-related financial license and qualification of the integrated financial services management group.

PAM Insights

Palau Asset Management’s research covers macroeconomic, fixed income, secondary market, real estate, private equity and other areas. Targeting market is mainly focusing on global market. We analysis strategies to help customers grasp the trend, to achieve the stable growth of assets in a secure way.

Industry Pioneer

Palau Asset Management Inc. is the pioneer and leader of the independent wealth management industry in the world. It is different from the traditional financial institutions. From the standpoint of customers, we provide clients with professional asset screening, asset allocation and investment portfolio of various types of financial investment products at domestic and global markets.

Comprehensive Financial Services

Palau Asset Management has formed a multi-service line of wealth management, asset management, investment banking and Internet finance. Providing wealth management, wealth management, overseas asset allocation, high-end insurance, and high-end education for many high net worth individuals. Services to help customers achieve stable and safe growth of assets.