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Products & Services

Palau Asset Management Inc. is the largest independent wealth management organization in the Republic of Palau. The Palau Asset Management Group’s platform also includes world’s leading asset management company, Palau Asset Assets, and the fastest growing online wealth management platform in the world. In terms of overseas asset allocation, Palau Asset Management was the first independent wealth management company with all the relevant licenses. Palau Asset Management is a comprehensive financial platform, to provide complete services for our high net worth customers.

Asset Management

Palau Asset Management was founded in January 2017, is a world leading asset management company, the management assets reached 120.9 billion. The main strategy is to establish a multiple boutique investment center, each product category is at the top spot worldwide.

Discretionary Mandate Service

The sole purpose is to help the clients achieve wealth retention, through asset allocation and active management, which including reduce the risk (systemic & non-systemic risk), to enhance portfolio investment income.

Asset Allocation

Our Professional investment team provide real-time market analysis report, according to the customer’s risk tolerance and market change, recommend the appropriate combination of asset allocation to customers; from low-risk product model to high-risk product model, which includes customers’ demand for mobility and the ratio of cash allocation, fixed income, debt and equity, and the customer’s demand for safeguards. In other words, through a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, with the maintenance from our expert team, we provide customers with a complete portfolio planning recommendations.

Real Estate Investment

Palau Asset Management is the earliest real estate financial innovation institution in the Republic of Palau. Through the selection of brand developers, quality projects, and product design capabilities, we focus on the investment in real estate, and full investment management. In addition to maintaining a leading edge in traditional residential real estate, Palau Asset Real Estate strategically arranges business properties and overseas properties base fund investments.

Secondary Market Investment

The main business focuses on fixed income investment management. The scope of investment includes the management of the secondary fund (FOF), the diversified investment fund, the customised private fund management, the parent fund (MOM), the fixed income investment management, and so on. The core investment strategy of Palau Asset Management Inc. is asset allocation, selection and quantification. We provide investors with a comprehensive asset allocation services, as the most leading products in the world.

Alternative Investment

Palau Asset provides direct investment, mergers and acquisitions and financial advisors and other intermediary business services. Its investment and financing business forms, including convertible bonds, equity investment with the option of sale, structured securities investment trusts, umbrella structured securities investment trusts, structured directional issuance and other mature leveraged investment business; Products embedded in the stock options,, earnings exchange vouchers and investment in the new three board market trading shares of the leveraged investment-type management plan and so on.

Trust Investment

Trust department provides clients with investment management, including securities market advice, investment strategy and portfolio management, management of real estate and safekeeping of valuables. Our responsibilities in settling the estate of a deceased person include collecting debts, settling claims for debt and taxes, accounting for assets to the courts and distributing wealth to beneficiaries.

Fund Management

Palau Asset Management focuses on the development of fund management and investment operations such as primary market funds, secondary market funds, structured finance and investment, as well as major shareholders of global Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited, and actively developing aircraft leasing in global and emerging market.

Our asset management products vary from front-end private equity funds, venture capital funds, industry funds, and it is extended to the mid-range structured financing and investment products, for instance: mezzanine funds and back-end hedge funds, bond investment funds, these products targeted at institutional clients and high Net worth of individual customers.

Bond Issuance

Major risks:
Investors should carefully read the details and risks disclosed in the relevant product subscription (if applicable) before deciding whether to invest in the product. The main risks include, but are not limited as shown in the following:

1.Credit risk
The liquidity of the bonds may be limited and may not be active and / or no brokers offer quotas in the market
2. Liquidity risk
Investors are required to bear the credit risk of the issuing institution and the guarantee institution (if applicable), Any change in their credit rating will affect the price and value of the bond. The risk of default in the issuance of the bond, ie the issuer has the opportunity to pay the principal and interest as scheduled. In the worst case, if the issuer and the guarantor (if applicable) are bankrupt, the investor may lose all the investment. The credit rating given by the credit rating agency is not a guarantee.
3. Interest rate risk
Bonds are more susceptible to interest rate fluctuations. In general, interest rates rise and bond prices fall.
4. Market risk
Investment value may fluctuate due to changes in political, legal, economic conditions and interest rates. These changes are common in all markets and asset classes, and investors may be less likely to invest less than the initial funds.
5. Foreign currency risk
In the case of bonds denominated in foreign currencies, investors may have a loss of exchange when the amount of redemption is converted to local or basic currency.

Only applies to products issued in US dollar or linked to assets issued in US dollar

TOF Public Placement Fund

The Public Placement Fund is to raise fund from general public, that is, the target clients are not specific investors. The Private Equity Fund is targeted at a small number of specific investors, including institutions and individuals. Public Placement Fund is raised funds through the way of public offering, yet Private Equity Fund is raised through non-public offering. There are strict limitations in the fund categories, the proportion of investment, investment and fund types in the Public Placement Fund. On the other hand, the investable area of the Private Equity Fund is entirely determined by the agreement.

Global Open Product Platform

Global configuration is a big trend. Palau Asset Management Inc. is an independent wealth management company with a license in Palau. We have have more than 1,000 professional teams in Palau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. The overseas asset allocation is in the forefront of wealth management agencies.

Overseas Asset Allocation
Palau Asset Management Inc. is the bridgehead in overseas business, with high-end management team and professional elite, based in Singapore. Look overseas, leverage with the latest international financial information, focus on serving world’s high net worth individuals, family, business and institutions, to provide customers with a full range of overseas asset allocation, family wealth and other services.

Insurance Brokerage
Based on the customer’s position, upholded the “independent, objective and professional” service standards, we tailor all kinds of comprehensive protection schemes for all high net worth customers, including personal and business life insurance, property insurance, etc., and provide risk management consulting services. Palau Asset Management customize the most suitable products to assist in handling insurance procedures for clients, and after the insurance to provide professional claims for customer support services.

Finance Leasing
Palau Asset Management Leasing is committed to providing customers with a new financial leasing solution in an innovative business model.